Wine growers in the Valtènesi area

No-one in the family can remember which of their ancestors started producing wine.What is certain is that in the ancient, picturesque hamlet of Cantrina, perched on the remaining moraine deposits close to the Chiese river, many generations of the Averoldi family has been vintners and winemakers for several centuries.

Come and discover the Averoldi winery that has been producing its wine in Bedizzole for generations.

Our Wines
Between thick stone walls and red barrel vaults, the wines are left to age in the centuries-old microclimate of our environments.

We are located in Bedizzole, in Cantrina, a small village in the Valtènesi area.

Averoldi Agricultural Enterprise

For generations, the Averoldi Agricultural Enterprise has produced its wine in the Cantrina district of Bedizzole, a small hamlet situated in the Valtenesi wine region, a widespread zone in the inland area on the south-western shore of the Brescia side of Lake Garda that stretches from Desenzano del Garda up to Salò.

Who we are

A luxuriant territory characterised by a microclimate consisting of mild winters and hot summers, yet which are not excessively humid, an ideal environment not only for the cultivation of grape vines but also for olive and citrus fruit trees.

Wine growers in the Valtènesi area